What We Do

Interior Design

Your style, your home, your life. At Desert Willow Designs we are committed to creating a space that is uniquely yours. By understanding what matters to you we can design any room in your home to enhance your enjoyment and allow your personality to shine through.


Space Planning & Layout

Everyone has individual needs that their home must accommodate. Desert Willow Designs understands that. We will assist you in creating the best floor plan for your personal style and function requirements. Whether you’re starting from the beginning or just need room arrangement guidance, we’re here for you.


Remodeling & Fabrication

We will work with you to ensure your preferred design, functionality, and long-term goals are achieved. Our expertise is knowing how to plan properly so you’re never having to re-do or compromise what you want because it was not adequately allowed for in planning stages.

Our Process

  • Complimentary Initial Consultation
  • Project Collaboration
  • Project Launch
  • Project Completion

At Desert Willow Designs, we pride ourselves on taking the time to fully understand you as a couple or individual. Our goal is to identify your design goals for your new or existing home so we may create a personalized plan to achieve your desired results. Before we get started, we want our clients to be comfortable with their decision to work with us. Therefore, it’s important to allow potential clients an opportunity to interview us prior to making a commitment for services.

Once hired, DWD will outline the scope of work required to facilitate your project. A clear, precise plan of action as well as a realistic timeline on what and how you can expect your project to come to fruition will follow. Fees and or other charges for the project will be specifically defined at that time as well.

The size and scope of your project will dictate the presentation tools utilized to showcase items for selection. Rest assured, no matter how large or small, you will be provided with visual samples from which to base selections. Nothing is priced, ordered or installed without our client’s authorization at each step along the way. Opportunities to make changes to layout and design are provided all through the process. After project approval and design selections have been made, we collect the agreed upon payment for the designated project stage and/or product and material orders.

Once the project is underway and orders have been placed, we will keep you informed of the process timeline all the way through the final installation or delivery.

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What Our Customers Say


Welcome to Desert Willow Designs!  It is our mission to create warm and inviting spaces that are unique to each homeowner.  Whether you are doing a full remodel or merely freshening up your space with new colors and fabrics, the pleasure and excitement you feel over the end result is our driving force.  Your home is an extension of you and it defines how you enjoy living and entertaining.  Desert Willow Designs works entirely with your needs, aesthetic and budget in mind.  Designing with pride and purpose ensures the final outcome will exceed your expectations for years to come.

Please feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation.  I have designed beautiful spaces for 14 years and would love to assist you with yours!  I am a certified Interior Designer who previously taught at the American Institute of Interior Design.  Converting your surroundings into a space that is inviting to you and your style of living is what makes what we do so enjoyable.

Let’s get started!

Kim Hart, Lead Designer, Owner of Desert Willow Designs